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For flower lovers

The infiorate of Caltagirone, an explosion of colors and petals.

The Grape that recalls the violet of Clematis "La Ville de Lyon", the Quartz that takes up the pink of the Hydrangea, accompanied by the Forest and the Fir that complete the composition, as would the eucalyptus and olive leaves.

For lovers of clear skies

The happiness that opens the windows and see the clear blue sky, without even a cloud.

A glamorous, elegant, monochromatic palette to give your room a fresh and always tidy look thanks to our Crystal, Baby Blue and White colors.

For lovers of autumn walks

Walking along mountain paths in October when the foliage colors the landscape and makes everything more enchanted is certainly one of the most magical experiences.

We also bring the colors of autumn to your bedroom by mixing the shades of Orange, Brick, Sand and Fir.

In addition to this autumn palette we also recommend Bronze, Resin, Gold and Forest.

For lovers of sailing

A holiday on a sailing boat ... The teak heated by the sun, the white clouds that move fast, the sea that turns to foam when it collides with the hull, the sound of the wind that pushes the sails.

A light, warm, fashionable palette for a bed that cradles you like the waves of the sea thanks to the colors Sand, White and Sugar paper.

For lake lovers

Lake Como, the Orange umbrellas of the Grand Hotel Tremezzo in contrast with the sand that transmits calm, tranquility and the white of the majestic swans that pass undisturbed.

Elegance and originality, a classic style with a pinch of citrus color energy.

For lovers of Formentera

Island for holidays dedicated to fun and relaxation.

Let your bed reflect the island mood and dress it with shades of Sugar paper, like the sea, Steel and Gold, like the parties in the evening, Fir, like the vegetation and Orange like the sunset at the Piratabus to the notes of "Con te I'll leave ".

For lovers of the countryside

A wheat field in the middle of the green meadows, sunflowers, summer in the hills, fresh air ...

A country palette with Resin, Gold and White colors and a touch of elegant Teal. Let yourself be inspired by these nuances for a sunny, elegant and unforgettable bedroom.

For Burano lovers

The colors of the houses on the island of Burano make us famous all over the world.

Why not take them around Italy?

Orange, Fir, Quartz and Amethyst, an explosion of colors for a bed that smells of happiness and adventure.