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The pillow menu

To each his own pillow:

The perfect pillow must favor the right support for the head and cervical vertebrae, reduce the compression points to avoid blood circulation problems, promote head transpiration and ensure optimal muscle relaxation according to the main posture assumed during rest. Our collection of pillows has been designed to adapt to any individual need, taking into account the specific habitual posture assumed during sleep.


1) Compact pillow

Particularly suitable if you sleep on your side. It responds ergonomically to the stress of the head, and by filling the natural curve between the neck and shoulders ensures the alignment of the vertebrae


2) Medium pillow

Ideal for those who sleep on the side, back and stomach. It adapts optimally to the stresses of the head, whatever position is taken during rest


3) Soft and super soft pillow

Particularly suitable if you sleep on your back or stomach. The head sinks naturally creating the correct support between the neck and shoulders able to relax the muscles. Perfect for those who want to feel wrapped in a pillow


The soft pillows in down and regenerated feathers

The pillows are made through the use of a padding of down and feathers, already in themselves natural and non-polluting products, completely regenerated: the padding, coming from cushions, duvets and other used items that can no longer be resold, is reused to create a new product, reducing waste and using the raw material for its entire life cycle, after having undergone rigorous sanitation and sterilization processes required by law. The duvet serves to give softness, while the feathers provide support. This type of pillow offers a soft and comfortable support, it is very breathable, that is, it allows the air to circulate while maintaining a uniform resting temperature. It excellently absorbs moisture and provides evaporation of sweat, with a tightly woven 100% cotton outer fabric to prevent the padding from escaping.