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complete luxury double bed for the home

Let's start with a fact: we spend about 26 years of our life sleeping but we are still used to considering sleep as wasted time, subtracted from the much more important activities that occupy our days.

Whoever devotes himself assiduously to the practice of sleep is considered a lazy person, we know that he who sleeps does not catch fish and the sleeping reason is able to generate monsters.

Entangled in this prejudice, we never give due importance to sleep and its care.

According l 'Huffington Post there is no night more satisfying and comfortable than that spent in a hotel room: the search for famous blog reveals the reasons why we experience that intense sensation of well-being upon awakening, the result of a regenerating night.

So why not replicate that atmosphere of pampering and relaxation typical of a luxury hotel in our home and make the hours dedicated to sleep an authentic 5-star experience?



Here is a series of tips to reproduce the charm of the most luxurious suites in the world in your bedroom:


The choice of colors: white is the new black

The Huffington Post investigation (full article here: demonstrates how the most fulfilling sleep experiences are related to rest in a white bed.

It seems that the color white acts on our brain activating an idea of luxury, cleanliness and freshness and this leads us to think that the room has been recently renovated. Furthermore, white is an element of simplification that invites us to leave the worries and disorder of the world behind and abandon ourselves to a peaceful and relaxed sleep.


complete double bed in cotton satin


Pillows, Pillows, Pillowsiiii!

The shape and structure of the pillow on which we rest our head are important and should not be neglected: some hotels offer their guests a real menu of pillows. At the Feldhol Hotel in Naturno you can choose between fourteen different types and among these, even the special one that reconciles sleep, flavored with herbs from South Tyrol.

We make this original idea our own and choose anatomical pillows able to accommodate our physical conformation, relieve muscular and cervical tension and postural problems in general, so that the night becomes a moment of regeneration, to be dedicated to the care of our body.

But it's the pillows decorative details that can really make a difference: the more they are, the more care we put in choosing sizes, combinations of tones and textures and the more elegant, sophisticated and comfortable the bed will be.


The quality of the sheets 

A fine sheet is able to transform your sleep into a luxury experience.

Pure cotton satin sheets are a real cuddle: the sensation in contact with the body is soft, melting and pleasant, very similar to that of silk. For the skin and hair they are a real beauty treatment: the most delicate parts of our body, accustomed to contact with harder fabrics, such as simple cotton, are subjected to less friction and static electricity and can therefore breathe. and rest better.


Cozy details…

The mirror, symbol of vanity par excellence, cannot be missing in your dream room. Extra large, vintage or baroque? Don't hang it up right away, do some tests and give yourself time; perhaps you will find that it is also nice to have it placed on the ground and move it according to your needs and mood.

A designer tray with a modern cut or Scandinavian-style wood can instantly bring you back to the sophisticated atmosphere of a resort, where someone is taking care of you. Repeat this cuddle in your room, placing the tray that will host your delicious breakfast on a pouf next to your bed and you will have taken a big step in creating a room equipped with all comforts.


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