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5 tips to make your bedroom shine

 In these cold months of winter darkness, creating the right lighting in the most intimate and welcoming room of our home is a fundamental requirement: our bedroom will be the magical place where you can recover peace and silence, the protected nest in which to recharge your energy. , rebalancing our rhythm.

How to do it? Following five simple rules, which we can borrow from the amazing rooms of boutique hotels, small and sophisticated luxury accommodation facilities.


1. Choose a warm, indirect and modular light

A bedroom does not need strong lighting: choose an indirect light that promotes rest, with a warm, adjustable and modular tone. A ceiling chandelier is the best solution precisely because it ensures a uniform glow to the entire room and allows you to carry out most of the daily activities. It is important that the position is centered with respect to the room so that the light falls evenly on all corners of the room.




2. Multiply the points of light


But don't limit yourself to the ceiling chandelier, but distribute various light points in your bedroom so that they can work independently of each other, allowing you to create special light corners.

For example, choose a beautiful floor lamp, to be placed in the darkest part of the room. The solutions available for these types of lamps are the most varied: free-standing, perfect in a contemporary-style bedroom, with lampshade, excellent choices in rooms with a country-chic taste, or vintage to recreate a perfect mid-century atmosphere. .

A soft light lamp for reading near the bed is essential. Instead, prefer a more intense lighting near the wardrobe: a lamp recessed in the ceiling or a bright mirror will suffice. If you are lucky enough to own a walk-in closet it is important to think of LED lighting with motion sensors to always keep an eye on consumption and act in a green perspective. 

The variety of light points will create a beautiful banded lighting effect with general background brightness and soft and delicate light angles. An important tip: to personally manage the intensity of the protagonist light as well as that of the secondary light points, it is advisable to have a dimmer, that is a light intensity regulator with which to choose the degree of illumination each time.



3. Take advantage of the walls

To illuminate the two sides of the bed, if you want to “scientifically” adhere to the hotel model, create two light sources that exploit the walls. This is a good way to lighten space in smaller rooms and keep bedside tables free.

A floor lamp with a swivel head and adjustable arm is a great alternative, even easier to move.

If you are a traditionalist, you can opt for the traditional bedside lamp, but with a twist. Dare with a mix between a vintage 50s lamp on one bedside table and the simplicity of a more modern lampshade on the other to give a touch of sophisticated elegance to even the most minimal bedroom. 

If you like the idea of ​​the suspension lamp you can choose the small ones so that the light beam is concentrated on the affected area. 




4. Everything from the bed

Is there anything more annoying than having to get up to turn off the light when you are wrapped in the warmth of the blankets and a step away from sleep? Make sure you can control not only the lights next to the bed, but also the central lamp while lying down, so that you don't have to get up on purpose before falling asleep. An excellent idea can be to install intelligent lights compatible with voice-activated smart home devices capable not only of turning the lights on and off but also of creating magical effects, gradually raising the lights to simulate sunrise or lowering them to reconcile the sleep naturally.



5. Yes to mirrors

A mirror along the wall is useful from many points of view, not just to give our outfit the last check before going out. Let's not forget that mirrors also work as light reflective surfaces, so let's use them to increase the general brightness and give a unique sparkle to our bedroom.

All images in the article are courtesy of Trio Lighting Group