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The online boutique of luxury linens and sheets at unbeatable prices


Serious courtesy and professionalism ...

Serious courtesy and professionalism in the sale of an elegant and stately product

Alberto Pozzato on 17/09/2021

Suite 2603 in my house

I’ve already bought (more than 11) sets from a wide range of sublime colors. For me, they are like daily color therapy…

Olga Nacci on 12/09/2021

TOP products !!!

I have bought these sheets and pillowcases in the past year, after multiple washing and ironing, they are still soft and maintain a beautiful sheen. I also bought a mattress cover, it was the best thing I could’ve done, I feel like I have a new mattress...

Tolomeo on 08/09/2021

E I want more ❗️

... I was amazed by the delivery speed, the next day they were in my home. I ordered carefully as I mixed and matched colors of the pillowcases, top and bottom sheets. No matter what colors I chose, the fabric and finishes were the best, and now I have a bed that’s totally my own, custom created by me!

Sergio Colantuoni on 03/09/2021

Always please the customer

The quality of the products are exceptional. I have replaced all of my old bedding in my house and on the boat with 1.
Through washing and ironing, they hold up beautifully, always fresh looking and feeling.

Arianna Sardei on 02/09/2021

All perfect

I’m very satisfied with the swift delivery and how well these high-quality beddings are packed.

Vera Zanco on 02/09/2021

Fully satisfied

Fast service, high quality. Fair price. Color in the photo consistent with real product. Fully satisfied.

Vittoria on 31/08/2021

Affordable luxury

We have decided to create a online only collection to cut all the costs associated with intermediaries, physical stores, distribution and focus only on you, putting you in direct connection with our product.

100% Milanese

Each stage of processing is entrusted to the skilled hands of expert Italian artisans who work with the precious raw materials in the hills around Milan, which has always been a district of textile excellence.

Oekotek® certification

The entire production is provided with the Oekotek international certification for sustainability which guarantees the creation of a healthy and natural goods, capable of combining design, high quality, comfort and functionality.


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